Teachers College

Satellite School in Iloilo City
For Center of Excellence
PAASCU Accredited (Level III)
First PAASCU Accredited College in Western Visayas
University of San Agustin
Iloilo City, 5000 Philippines
(Formerly College of Education founded in 1940 and Normal College founded in 1952. The two colleges were formerly fused into one during the school year 1973-1974 using its present name)

The Dean
Teachers College
University of San Agustin
Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City
5000 Philippines

E-mail: tc@usa.edu.ph
Tel. Nos.: +(033) 336-1817
and (033) 337-4842 to 44
Admission Requirements
  1. For First Year Students
    1. Form 138 or its equivalent namely:
      1. The student is a graduate from a Secondary course.
      2. The student has no accountability with the High School.
      3. Form 137 will be forwarded upon request by the University of San Agustin.
    2. Certificate of good moral character and conduct duly signed by the principal.
    3. An Average grade of at least 80 percent as reflected in form 138.
    4. Interview with the Dean/Head/Evaluation committee.
    5. 3 ID Pictures.
    6. Entrance Exam.
  2. Transferring Students
    1. Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended.
    2. Certificate of good moral character and conduct signed by the head or dean of the school last attended.
    3. Studentís copy of his/her Transcript of Records or its equivalent (for evaluation purposes)
    4. Interview.
    5. One(1) failing grade obtained during any year of schooling may disqualify the applicant for admission to study in this College.
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