Rules & Regulations

1. Faculty members, personnel and students must present a validated University ID every time they enter and borrow books from the library.

2.  Borrowing privileges

     2.1  Undergraduate Students

            4 books:  2 non-fiction for days;

                            1 fiction for 1 week; 1 Bible for  2 hrs.

     2.2  Graduate School Students

                4 books for 1 week

     2.3  Faculty

               10 books for two(2) weeks, renewable for two weeks

     2.4   Reserve/Reference/Panayana/Augustiniana/Rizaliana/Periodical resources are for library use only and may be borrowed for one hour for photocopying

     2.5 Audio-visual resources and equipment may be borrowed subject to IMC guidelines

    2.6 Theses and Dissertations for library use only

    2.7 Fines for Overdue Book

        • Circulation Book/s - Php 10.00 per day
        • Reserve Book/s - Php 10.00 per hour
        • Bible - Php  10.00 per hour
        • Reference/Serials - Php10.00 per hour

3. Lost Book/s - Borrower must replace lost or badly damaged book/s by the same title, edition and author, or pay the full replacement cost plus Php 300.00 for processing and mechanical preparation.

4. One week before and during final examination, all books are for library use only.

5.  Unnecessary noise, loud conversation and discussion, smoking, eating, drinking, and sleeping within the library are not allowed.

6.   Cellphones and other electronic gadgets must be kept on silent mode while inside the library.

7. Use of electrical convenience outlet is available at the plug-in service area for a fee of Php 10.00 per hour.

8.  Other Researchers

8.1  Permission to use the library resources is granted only by the Director of Learning Resource Center or her duly appointed representative.

8.2 Library Fee

        • Alumni - Php 10.00/hr (with Alumni I.D.)
        • Religious Congregation - Php 10.00/hr
        • Consortium School - Php 10.00/hr
        • Other Researchers
            • 1st hr Php100.00
            •  succeeding hour Php 20.00

        8.3.  All outside researchers are subject to the LRC rules and regulations.         

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