Augustinians make it to TOWIL 2015

THREE Augustinian alumnae made it to the roster of awardees in this year’s ‘The Outstanding Women of Iloilo City’ or TOWIL for manifesting exemplary performance in their respective fields of profession, thereby contributing to the development of Iloilo City.

Dr. Asuncion L. Faro and Dr. Daisy Tabuena, graduates from the University of San Agustin (USA) College of Arts and Sciences, are awardees in the fields of Professional Service and Science and Technology, respectively. Judge Juana Judita P. Nafarrete, a graduate of Bachelor of Laws, is an awardee in the field of Judicial Service.


Dr. Faro, a graduate of Dentistry, is President of the USA Alumni Association and is former faculty member of the University. She has received an award as one of the 2015 Outstanding Miag-awanons and as one of the 100 Outstanding Augustinians of the Century. Dr. Tabuena, a graduate of B.S. Biology, is an Alumni Achievers Awardee 2013. Judge Nafarrete is
Presiding Judge at the Regional Trial Court, Branch 38 in Iloilo City and is former dean of the USA College of Law. She is recipient of the Outstanding Law School Dean Award and 2013 Alumni Achievement Award.

All alumnae bring the University of San Agustin pride for exemplifying and living the legacy of Augustinian excellence in the service of God and of society. (EAR Office)

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