Chusuey to donate new building to USA

Dr. Henry Chusuey (Photo courtesy of the Philippine Star)

MULTI-AWARDED businessman-philanthropist Dr. Henry O. Chusuey, Honoris Causa of the University of San Agustin, is set to donate a new building valued at 30 million pesos to his alma mater. “The University of San Agustin – Dr. Henry O. Chusuey International Center” will house the B. S. Hotel and Restaurant Management and the B. S. Tourism programs of the University. In a letter to University President Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, Dr. Chusuey specifically proposed that the new building serve as the University Hotel for university guests and foreign students.

An Accounting alumnus of the College of Commerce, Dr. Chusuey now heads the Hennan Resorts Group and other companies in financing and real estate development.

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